first work
once i was shooting for "puma"
at the F1 it was almost decided which direction i would go, and become a
professional model.

i have to laugh looking at this one...i have no idea how to play with the camera yet....:)

...with eddie jordan from "jordan honda" back then, now he is reporting from the race-track for the "bbc"

and takuma sato...

my first jobs to support medicine studies became more and more, soon i had to decide a direction to go,
i loved taking pictures, i loved to study, but i didnt have time for doing both equally intense, so i took the decision to be a model.

"Meindl" catalogue...

i never liked the my real name:"barbara"

and i wanted a unique name.

so I shortened BA.rbara D.uerrer to "BAD"when i started to work.

pretty memoraziable.

in what a way...

soon i hated that shortening, everyone was asking the same question:

'are you really a "bad" girl?'

well, that lesson is learned...never again a synonym like that!

a change was not so easy, everyone who met me, knew me with this synonym.

those that booked me loveeeed the way i work, and still book me with this name, so it worked on the one side as a branding, on the other side, i would create a "G.O.O.D." brand this time!!;)

normal girl, shooting for the first time....versus the first real campaigns!

and the first editorials